Electric cars for ports and airports


Electric cars for ports and airports

Electric cars for ports and airports

The sustainable way to move and work

Transporting loads and people in complex spaces such as ports and airports has never been easier, thanks to ours electric cars specifically designed for these uses, solutions with advanced technology able to guarantee great comfort, agility and safety.

These are real mini-cars, very easy and pleasant to drive, able to extricate themselves even in tight spaces, thanks to their compactness, and to move people and objects with great speed and efficiency.

The battery range varies from 60km to 300km and the maximum speed between 30 and 90km/h, depending on the models and the need to travel at full capacity on the road or to have to resort to non-registered vehicles for closed or confined spaces.

Each solution is designed to offer users an unforgettable experience for convenience and functionality, allows you to customize the style and accessories, stands out for a design with attention to the smallest details, studied by internationally renowned brands such as Walter De Silva.

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