Electric pick ups

Transporting goods while remaining eco-friendly

Electric pick ups

Electric pick ups

We put at your disposal advanced models of electric pickups, extremely versatile solutions that can make your work and city driving easier, thanks to their agility - the result of compactness and great performance - and comfort in every situation.

Both finish and equipment of our electric pickup trucks are customizable, so as to meet the needs of your business, turning out to be truly essential tools for so many daily operations, perfect for the many stop-and-go's of those who move around frantically, transporting different goods.

With a range of up to 300km and a top speed of up to 65km/h, they allow you to move quickly and smoothly throughout the day, moving repeatedly, loading and unloading goods as quickly and conveniently as possible, while zeroing in on fuel costs and polluting emissions.

Our electric pickup trucks are Made in Italy, crafted with craftsmanship and able to combine robustness and modern design, drivability and comfort, versatility and functionality: for performance capable of impressing on any occasion.

The advantages of electric pickups


Low maintenance costs


Zeroing fuel costs


No vehicle property tax for 5 years


They can access ZTLs (Limited Traffic Zones) without problems


Agile and snappy in traffic


Customizable technical set-up


They emit zero polluting gases


Excellent value for money

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